Monday, September 12, 2011

Taco Bell and Doritos Present: The Taco Loco

"Remember that time you got high and prayed to God for this? Well looks like he heard."

We here at Embalm never lower our standards of sophistication and class. Thats why upon hearing about Fresno being part of the test market for Taco Bell's new Taco Loco, I immediately canceled all my appointments and put some Chardonnay to chill because shit was about to get real.

It seems like Bakersfield and Fresno are the only places in California where this is being offered, along with Toledo, Ohio. My investigative skills were trumped by my laziness to bother using Google and see where else its being offered cause, c'mon I already know its in my town bitch, who else cares?

The Taco Loco is basically a Crunchy Taco or a Taco Supreme (depending on which version of the T.L. you decide to get) with the taco shell being made out of Nacho Cheese Doritos. I hate tomatoes and sour cream so I went with two Taco Locos (which go for 1.17 each) and two Crunchy Tacos. Along with my test run I had a Mexican coke at home while I watched some Steve Wilkos, the perfect environment to bring out the bold flavors of such a delicacy.

I luckily had some actual Nacho Cheese Doritos on hand and had some prior to my meal. The familiar bold cheesey flavor was a comforting taste and was really sort of some foreplay for this God given gift. I cleared my pallet with the original Crunchy Tacos and some Coke and begun my examination.

I took a bit off the shell and upon examination, there is about 1/3 less Doritos dust on the taco shell than the original chip. Only the outside of the shell is covered in this dust. We're talking about a 75% reduction in cheesy-ness folks, this isn't looking good. But upon the first bite, I was pleasantly surprised. A little lacking in the umph that Im accustomed from a mouthful of Doritos, but it was still nice. A definite upgrade from the original Crunchy Taco.

Its not a mind blowing taco, and to fully appreciate it, you're gonna have to buy two or three. However its a pleasant treat that you should try if you ever get the chance. Godspeed space cadets!

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