Monday, January 21, 2013

Hard Drives Of Crap!

I have a shit ton of video on hard drives and before I horded files I used to encode the files into playable DVDs. I recently quit encoding files when I realized, though small in physical size, DVDs take up physical space; more so when you gain a collection like I have. Though, now I'm having another realization... my HD space is becoming prime real estate and I really need to rid myself of the crap I'd never watch more than once, if at all.

So, why mention this here? Well, since Embalm is basically on its last legs and no one truly comes here anymore, perhaps me pretending I still care, I can at least share what I watched before I remove said files from my cache.

Why the hell did I have this? Man, this fucking movie was terrible! Cliche after cliche...terrible! I don't even want to waste time writing about it. ~The End~

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